California Pizza Kitchen, known within the food industry as CPK, is a casual dining restaurant chain that specializes in California-style pizza. The restaurant was started in 1985 by attorneys Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax in Beverly Hills, California. The chain is widely known for its innovative and non traditional pizzas, such as the "Original BBQ Chicken Pizza", BLT, Thai Chicken, and Jamaican Jerk Chicken pizzas. They also serve various kinds of pasta, salads, soups, sandwiches and desserts. They have an extensive children's menu for children ages 10 and under which includes a variety of different pizzas, pastas, salad, and chicken.

The chain has over 230 locations in 32 US states and eleven other countries, including 26 California Pizza Kitchen ASAP kiosks designed to serve passengers at airports and shopping malls. The company licensed its name to Kraft Foods to distribute a line of premium frozen pizzas, in 2000.; Nestlé purchased Kraft's pizza lines in 2010.



Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen Copycat Recipe

Dough: (Makes 2 pizzas)
1 1/2 teaspoons fast rising yeast
1/2 cup warm water, plus
2 tablespoons warm water (The hottest it needs to be is 110 degrees)
1 1/2 cups bread flour, only
3 teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon olive oil, plus additional for coating
1 teaspoon salt
flour, for dusting

Roasted Garlic Paste:
3/4 cup minced garlic
2 teaspoons olive oil
3 tablespoons cold water

Garlic Shallot Butter with Lemon:
4 minced shallots
3 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 tablespoons of minced garlic
4 small fresh thyme sprigs, minced
1 dash white pepper
1/4 cup Chardonnay wine
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 chicken bouillon cube

1 3/4 cups shredded mozzarella cheese, per pizza
1/4 cup fresh romano cheese, grated
3 teaspoons chopped fresh parsley, per pizza
1 rotisserie-cooked chicken

To Make The Dough: Preheat the oven to the lowest setting possible only warm. Dissolve the yeast in the water and set aside for approx 5 minutes. Do not use water that is hotter than 120 degrees because it will kill your yeast. Use hot sink water. In about five minutes there will be a little froth on the bowl of yeast. This shows that it is working. (Note: Check the expiration date on your yeast before you use it).

Get out a big mixing bowl, and add your flour, salt, and sugar. Mix well and make a little well in the center. Slowly add your yeast water mix in the well and mix in the flour with a spoon. Mix well. The dough will be sticky. Do not over mix because this will ruin your dough. Make a dough ball and leave in the bowl.

Get out 2 sheets of foil and lay them out on your counter. Sprinkle a little flour on the foil, and then place your dough ball in the center. Lightly oil your hands and then start kneading for a couple minutes. Get out another bowl and lightly oil the bowl just to coat. Place your dough ball in the bowl and turn once to coat the dough with the oil. Secure airtight with plastic wrap. Place in the oven just to warm. Let sit for 2 hours in the oven to rise. A warm oven is extremely important. Room temperature will not rise your dough properly.

After 2 hours punch the dough down and separate it into two pieces. Form 2 nice balls. (If you are not making the pizza this same day than you can stick it in the refrigerator covered and sealed for only 1 day. ) (Then let it rise when you are ready to make it in a warm oven for 2 hours).

If you are making it the same day than place one ball back in the same bowl, and get out another bowl and lightly coat it with olive oil. Seal both very well with plastic wrap- air tight. Place back in the oven to warm for another 1 1/2 hours.

After your time has passed- than you take your dough balls and roll them one by one into a 9 inch pizza. 1/2 inch thick. Heat your oven to 350.At this point you are ready to dress your pizza. The original recipe calls for you to bake your pizza on a pizza stone. If you decide to use a pizza stone you need to heat it in the oven for one hour to get nice and hot before use.

Roasted Garlic Paste: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. In a small bowl add the garlic with the olive oil and mix well. Spread on the bottom of a baking pan and roast approx 30 minutes until browned. After the time has passed stir the garlic well and cook another 12 minutes. Let this cool to the touch and add it to a food processor along with the water and mix till it looks like a fine peanut butter. This makes about 1/4 cup.

Garlic Shallot Butter with Lemon: Turn your burner on medium and add your 1 Tablespoon of butter to the pan. Next add the minced garlic, thyme, and minced shallots. Continue to cook till the onions start to turn brown. Turn your burner to high heat, and add the sprinkle of white pepper, fresh lemon juice, chicken cube, and wine. Continue to stir , and cook until the mixture is reduced. Once it is reduced add your remainder 2 Tablespoons of butter, and keep on low until your pizza is ready. If you are making this pizza later- than place in an airtight container and keep refrigerated until ready to use.

Assembling your pizza: Now is the easy part. All we do is assemble the pizza. Your oven needs to be preheating now if it is not already. Your dough should be rolled out and ready for the topping. First place a thin layer of the garlic paste on your 9 inch pizza. Sprinkle your mozzarella cheese on the pizza. Then with a slotted spoon, scoop your onions on the pizza.

Next you want to add your shredded chicken to the pizza, Romano cheese, and sprinkle parsley on the pizza. Place your pizza in the middle rack of the oven.( If you are using the pizza stone, you want to transfer the pizza over to the warm stone to bake). You want to bake the pizza till the crust is crisp and the cheese is melted. This takes approx 8 minutes. Repeat the same steps for the second pizza.


  1. This seems like a lot of work. It's a good thing I love pizza enough to do it all! I have really been craving pizza for a long time, and this looks like the perfect recipe. I'll have to make a few others and see if I like the other pizzas more.

  2. This is now my go-to recipe for pizza dough. I always make double. I've also made the garlic paste to go with my white pizzas to give them an extra kick. Yum!